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Girvetz 2128

Tuesdays, 7 - 8 pm


The Entrepreneurs Association at UC Santa Barbara is a business, entrepreneurship, and technology club. The club's goal is to act as a professional association for entrepreneurial undergraduate and graduate students that have interest in either launching or joining a new business venture. The mission of Entrepreneurs Association is to empower students with the business acumen, skills, and experience that will ensure their success as future business leaders and contributors to society.  We are the go-to place for any student who has a business idea, and wants to take the next steps.

At our Weekly Meetings, we focus on student to student connection. We share ideas, discuss entrepreneurship topics, and build strong teams. EA is a great place to find a group for the New Venture Competition.

Topics will include perfecting elevator pitches, giving effective presentations, using technology as a lean startup, venture capital 101, new technology opportunities, disruption opportunities in society, learning patent laws, and more!

To learn more about EA, visit their website.

What Events EA Hosts:

EATS (Executive-at-the-Table) - EAT meetings provide a unique opportunity for TMP students to enjoy a casual lunch or afternoon refreshments and conversation with an engaging and influential entrepreneur or executive. Within this intimate setting our mentors share business advice and anecdotes from their own experience. See our calendar for details. EA partners with TMP to bring students to the EAT events.

Entrepreneurs Association Distinguished Speaker Series - We bring in CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and successful businessmen into our weekly Wednesday meetings to share their stories, accomplishments, and provide workshops to help students build the skills they will need in the future.

UCSB Start Up Weekend - The Entrepreneurs Association will be hosting startup weekend to UCSB on the weekend of January 15th-17th. This will give the opportunity for Entrepreneurs to start a business within a weekend! Learn more from last year's website here: www.up.co/communities/usa/santa-barbara/startup-weekend/7750

UCSB Start Up Symposium Career Fair - The Entrepreneurs Association hosts the career fair for providing direct pipeline of talent to lean technology startups, and providing meaningful employment opportunities to students.  This year's career fair will be held on February 22nd, 2017.  Companies interested in recruiting at this event should contact the email below to find out how they can participate in recruiting top talent.  

Gaucho Shark Tank Nights - Do you have a startup that's ready to take the next steps?  Do you think you know the next killer app that everyone will be dying to download?   The Entrepreneurs Association hosts local pitch nights where you can pitch your startup to venture capitalists and potentially receive an investment for your startup.  We have real sharks who will give you real feedback, and get your startup going in the right direction.  Food is provided.

Off Campus Events - EA will be taking trips off campus to participate in conferences, socials, and start up related events. Our first off-campus trip was during fall 2014 to Santa Barbara Start Up Weekend  (November 14th-16th). We have MANY more events to look forward to in the 2016-2017 school year!  

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The Board:

Gabriel Coleman, Co-President - Gabriel T. Coleman is a student trained in data science and investing who previously served the entrepreneurs association for more than a year as C.F.O., and has a deep passion for entrepreneurship.  Last summer, he worked on developing the UCSB’s first startup accelerator program, the G2 accelerator program.  Additionally, Gabriel is a student partner at a pre-seed venture capital fund, Contrary Capital, purposed to help students grow their ventures into powerful enterprises. Gabriel is finishing his B.S. in Statistical Science from UCSB.  There, he also is in the process of completing his certificate program in Technology Management, and has been doing research in higher education outcomes and healthcare.  When Gabe is away from his busy demands, you will most likely find him enjoying the beach, traveling, being a fitness addict, watching HBO+Netflix, and adventuring the great outdoors.

Vivian Vuong, Co-President - Vivian is currently finishing her Film and Media Studies degree along with the Technology Management Program Certificate, hoping to bridge these two vastly different fields by pursuing a  career in film business--specifically film acquisition, distribution, marketing or finance. Vivian currently works at the Film and Media Studies Department and UCSB, as well as Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet; she is the president of Entrepreneurs Association and the Film Studio, and she is heavily involved in other student club activities. Although film business is her intended career path, her entrepreneurial spirit renders her constantly looking for new opportunities.



Eric Hu, Chief Financial Officer - Eric Hu is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Accounting and a certificate in Technology Management. In the past, Eric worked as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Pacific Crest Securities and Commerce Capital Group, where he provided valuation and advisory services to companies in the technology, infrastructure, software and security industries. Eric is currently the Chief Financial Officer of the Entrepreneurs Association and also an Executive Board Member of the Finance Connection at UCSB. In his free time, Eric enjoys performing music, playing basketball, traveling and trying new foods.


Josh Barney, VP of Meetings - Josh Barney will be beginning his 3rd year in the UCSB Entrepreneurs Association and 2nd year with a leadership position. He is pursuing a B.S. in statistical science with an emphasis on applied statistics. Currently he is an intern at Cielo24, a local video intelligence startup company in Santa Barbara, and he is also running his own startup company, Tandem Parking, which is a technology app with the aim of alleviating parking congestion in urban areas. His future endeavors include a mix between entrepreneurship and technology.


Jiana Vargem, VP of Membership - Jiana Vargem is a senior studying Psychology and enrolled in the Technology Management program. She currently is an intern at Oniracom, a creative marketing agency located in downtown Santa Barbara. This will be Jianas second year serving on the Entrepreneurs Association board. As a retired D1 Swimmer for UCSB, Jiana enjoys playing sports in her free time, yoga, reading  and exploring outdoors.


Nick Strebig, Chief Technology Officer - Nick Strebig is a Communications and Technology Management student who is extremely passionate in entrepreneurship.  Along with school, he has been investing and learning how to become a software-engineer for over a year; he is currently trading stocks and earning computer programming certificates online.  This is his second year being apart of the EA team.  Nick's ultimate goal is to create his own startup(s), remain active in programming, and find aspiring entrepreneurs who meet his desire to succeed.


John Duston, VP of External Fundraising - John Duston is actively training, learning and watching for entrepreneurial opportunities while excelling at his studies in Economics and Accounting with Classics minor and Technology Management Program Certificate at UCSB. This previous summer John worked as a Vehicle Engineering and Product Budget analyst Intern at Northrop Grumman Corporation while assisting in the founding of the Real Estate Referral Network.   In addition to pushing his cognitive abilities in business, John is energized by high intensity and strenuous sports and activities. He runs long distance daily as training for competing in local 5k, is part of the UCSB Rock Climbing team, mountain bikes, and surfs on 8’4” and 7’4” board. John loves the outdoors and backpacks as well as many other various activities.


Evan Glessner,  Co-VP of Marketing and Design - Evan is double majoring in Economics and Environmental Studies while earning a certificate in Technology Management. Fluent in French, he is passionate about the intersection of sustainability, technology, and entrepreneurship. Evan has internship experience in both supply chain sustainability and green building operations at Google. He is an avid outdoorsman, a nature enthusiast, and also Co-President of Plastic Solutions, an environmentally-focused on-campus organization.



Nik Witowski, VP of Events - Currently Nik is completing his B.S. in Global Studies and has a certificate in Financial Accounting. Nik was formerly the President and Founder of the Investment Club at Saddleback Community College, where he later transferred to UCSB and became a member of the Entrepreneurs Association shortly thereafter. In the past, Nik has worked in asset management and marketing positions. His passion is learning Entrepreneurship and intricate methods of investing in options, forex, commodities, real estate, and ETF’s. In Nik’s free time, you can find him on the beach or playing Volleyball and Soccer.


Tyler Postle, Chair of Start-Up Weekend - Tyler Postle is a senior studying physics in the College of Creative Studies. He researches the physics of organic nanodevices in the Nguyen Chemistry lab. Tyler loves leading passion driven teams, and jumps at any opportunity for public speaking. In his free time Tyler’s hobbies include ultimate frisbee, water skiing, and working on boat engines.




Tyler Ettner, VP of Tours - Tyler is a proponent of life-long learning and personal growth, aspiring to make a meaningful impact on the world through unique solutions to contemporary global issues. He currently studies Environmental Science and Entrepreneurship at the University of California Santa Barbara, striving to utilize his passion and work ethic to 'make a living by making a difference'. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys working on his AirBnB business, traveling, and creating amazing experiences to last a lifetime.



Nicolas Paige, Co-VP of Marketing and Design - Nicolas Paige is an incoming sophomore who plans to complete the Technology Management Program as well as an interdisciplinary studies major. He is insatiably curious and entrepreneurial- minded and aspires to start a media company after school.


More questions? Email ucsbea@gmail.com