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TMP Start-ups

A Culture of Technological Innovation

Santa Barbara is home to a deep pool of experienced executives, entrepreneurs, and high-tech companies, contributing to a vibrant entrepreneurial culture. This is evident by our noteworthy points of pride:

  • The Goleta-Santa Barbara area has been ranked #2 as having the entrepreneurial quality for start-ups outside the Silicon Valley in California

  • UC Santa Barbara is one of the top schools for entrepreneurship according to Forbes 2014

  • Santa Barbara and the Central California Coast rank among the top five areas in the United States in regional venture capital funding

  • UC Santa Barbara is home to internationally acclaimed researchers who are studying theoretical and empirical methods to better understand technology innovations and commercialization

Start-ups by TMP Alumni

Many of our alumni who have gone through the Technology Management Program have gone off and made an impact in the tech-industry. We are proud of the high level of technological innovation within our program and our alumni launching successful enterprises and becoming the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

Are you a TMP alum with a company not listed on this page? Contact Us!

58 Phases

58Phases is on a quest to save the world from retail prices - one coupon at a time. The 58Phases portfolio includes three established coupon websites, offering savings and discounts for thousands of nation-wide retailers to over 500,000 unique visitors each month.

To be precise, we make instruments that test the quality of bones and tissues so scientists can discover better treatments, medical professionals can deliver better results, and people can live actively throughout their entire life. We believe everyone should be able to live actively throughout their entire life and we are driven to make that vision become a reality.

A progressive software developer and consulting contractor who serves the banking and brokerage industry.

aPEEL Sciences


APEEL Sciences provides a proprietary solution created from natural plant extracts to treat fruits and vegetables, increasing the shelf life of produce and reducing the energy costs of cold storage.

AppScale systems


AppScale is the open source cloud platform that brings portability and failover to App Engine applications.


Aptitude is revolutionizing molecular recognition – we are enabling the interaction with key molecules which have been out reach. Our products allow detection and manipulation of proteins for cancer, autoimmune, heart disease, and personalized drug response.


Our non-invasive technology brings time intensive tests from the lab bench to the pateints' bedside, informing doctors how to better care for the health of you and your baby.

Our mission is to sustainably empower widows and orphans living in Uganda. With every purchase, you provide the opportunity for widows to earn income to support their families. In addition, BOH aims to spread compassionate global awareness within our local communities, uniting people from different continents and cultures with the purpose of generating solutions to the problems that arise from poverty.


BioIQ is a health improvement technology company that has created the industry’s first integrated, customizable and measurable approach to optimizing investments in corporate health and wellness programs.



Birdeez makes it easy to discover nature, your neighborhood and yourself through birds. Founded in 2012 in Santa Barbara California, we envision an ecosystem of modern tools that help birdwatchers identify birds then collect and share bird sightings.

CompandentCompandent™, Inc. was founded with the stated objective of providing cutting-edge technologies to our customers. These technologies include Digital Signal Processing (DSP), real-time embedded systems, and Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) development. It is Compandent's objective to develop and maintain a high level of expertise in these technology areas for the purpose of improving the competitive standing of our customers. Located in Santa Barbara, California, Compandent maintains a highly competent technical staff with a proven track record of research, development, and implementation of state of the art technology and projects within tight schedule and budgetary constraints.Compandent maintains a highly competent technical staff with a proven track record of research, development, and implementation of state of the art technology and projects within tight schedule and budgetary constraints.

At DejaLearn, we strive to maximize the overall learning potential by changing the way the modern student learns, one packet at a time. Our strategy aims to reduce anxiety, improve test scores, and foster a learning environment that is conducive to long term retention of information learned in the classroom.

Our corporate purpose is to develop user-friendly, device-based software that intervene pro-actively to increase the chance of surviving life-threatening incidents.


Endotronix develops digital health solutions with the goal of enhancing the quality of life, improving outcomes, and lowering costs, especially for the 20 million people worldwide who suffer from congestive heart failure

EVmatch’s online, peer-to-peer electric vehicle (EV) charging network allows drivers to easily locate and use private EV charging stations, thus increasing access to EV charging infrastructure via under-utilized private charging stations.

At Fluency Lighting Technologies, we develop revolutionary lighting technologies to better serve our customers and preserve our environment. Our technology delivers high color-quality white light with improved energy efficiency over existing LED and HID lighting. The secret, we use an alternative light source to generate white light – a laser diode. Energy efficient and environmentally benign like LEDs, our laser-stimulated phosphor technology expands the applications of lighting, enabling flexible design strategies, efficient high power light sources, and low cost maintenance.


Groundswell Technologies' Software Suite provides tools for monitoring, analyzing and protecting critical Water, Air and Land resources. Our Products provide fast, accurate and cost effective tools for remediation optimization, long term monitoring and water resource management.


iCracked is the largest and most professional iPhone, iPod, and iPad repair and buyback company in the World. iCracked offers on-demand, on-site repairs for cracked screens as well as water damage through a network of over 300 certified, mobile iTechs


Our mission is to improve freedom and independence for oxygen therapy patients through innovative products and services. As a manufacturer and Accredited Homecare provider dedicated to oxygen therapy, Inogen is ideally suited to develop products tailored to oxygen therapy users and to provide superior service to those users in their homes.

We know that one of your biggest concerns as a new parent is that your baby is safe while you drive, therefore, Infanttech’s Always In View™ baby monitor for cars is the best option. It allows you to watch your baby by quickly glancing at the dash board monitor without awkward head-turning and arm-reaching movements.

Inlustra Technologies, Inc. manufactures nonpolar and semipolar Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor substrates for optoelectronic devices to laser, light emitting diode (LED), and academic customers. Its GaN LEDs are used in various applications, such as blue and green keypad lights, and white display backlights in cellular phones, traffic signals, flashlights, and electronic billboards. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Santa Barbara, California.

Laffster is changing the way the funniest performers (comedians, writers, and YouTubers) reach, invigorate, and interact with their biggest fans around the world through unique online live experiences.


Our mission at Lettuce is to create beautiful business applications that simultaneously make you happy and solve some big problems. We are putting an end to unattractive business applications and we hope you enjoy our products.

Life Cube

Life Cube, Inc. is a specialist in rapid deployment shelter technologies. Among Life Cube’s standard features are a self-sufficient, solar powered power system, communications equipment, water filtration devices, propane or kerosene cook top, first aid kits, ready-to-eat meals (MREs) and a wide variety of essential survival supplies.

Liquidus offers a variety of software, network, and systems engineering services. With expertise in dealing with software engineering projects of all sizes, from simple web applications to full-scale targeted social networks, we can design, build, maintain, and manage your entire infrastructure. Liquidus provides methodical, empirically-based, data-driven, and tested engineering solutions to your technological problems. Be it a simple hosted custom content management solution or a full supercomputing cluster for research and development we work with you to engineer exactly what you need.

Milo is the first wearable blood alcohol sensor that pairs with your smartphone.

Your course readings. Digital, synced, interactive and cheap. Read anywhere: Acess your class readings on all your devices. Always be connected: Instantly recieve your class readings as your professor picks them. 



NEXT's vision is a world where clean, sustainable, and affordable solar power is accessible to all the globe's citizens. Our mission is to develop, manufacture, and sell the most versatile, most sustainable, and lowest cost solar technology available anywhere.

Nitride Solutions

Nitride Solutions is a Wichita, Kansas company that is developing materials that will enable solutions to critical global needs for safe water and air, more reliable power and communication infrastructure and new products for medical diagnostics and treatment.


Polar Pro Filters specializes in manufacturing accessories for GoPro Cameras. We are continuously expanding our product lines to enhance the filming experience. Polar Pro® was started at the University of California, Santa Barbara in October of 2011 with a small polarizer filter. We have been experiencing exponential growth and developing more refined products along the way. The introduction of the snap-on filter series was a huge turning point for us in 2012. It was the first time a person with the GoPro could quickly remove and attach a filter, and is still in our opinion, the best filter application for a GoPro Camera.

Pera Health

PeraHealth has spent ten years building and validating the Rothman Index: a completely new model for predicting patient risk that serves as the anchor of PeraTrend.

Quantaic employs a patented technology to recover clean water from oil and natural gas production processes, creating new water supplies while efficiently treating the industry’s largest waste product — produced water.

Salty Girl Seafood is a sustainable seafood distribution company that bypasses the traditional supply chain to ship seafood directly from fishermen to restaurants and markets. Collaborating with NGOs to certify our claims of sustainability and building a network of partner fishermen allows us to provide fresh and fully traceable seafood products under a trusted brand name.


Harnessing the power of novel light-harvesting polymeric materials, Sirigen’s amplification technology offers High Sensitivity Fluorescence™ (HSF™) detection to the Diagnostic and Life Science marketplaces.

Effortless mobile time tracking. The easiest way to track time for your mobile workforce. Guaranteed.Employees use any mobile phone, landline, or smartphone to clock in and out of work in the field.

StudySoup is a peer-to-peer marketplace that enables students to buy and sell the study materials they need to succeed. We were started by students, for students and make it our mission to support education everywhere.

Solution Deposition Systems, Inc. produces low cost technology and equipment for aqueous solution based synthesis & deposition of advanced materials.

Tamarisc is an early-stage venture investment firm providing resources to enable talented people to do amazing things to better our world. We focus on three sectors: Real estate innovation & building efficiency; Human betterment through educational & medical technologies; and Resource utilization efficiency (primarily technologies applied to reduce pollution & waste).


Tioki is the online professional network exclusively for the education community. Our mission is to give those in the education industry access to the most valuable resource out there – other people who are passionate about education!

Phone Halo

TrackR enables you to easily keep track of your items and stay organized. The TrackR app runs on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.



Ubersense is creating a mobile and web application that helps athletes achieve their full athletic ability anytime, anywhere.

Vanguard Computer Technology Labs (aka VCT Labs) was incorporated in California in May 2000. The founders were associated with the University of California at Santa Barbara Electrical and Computer Engineering as students or faculty. VCT Labs is located in Goleta, California, near UCSB .

VCT Labs offers technical services for computer system hardware and software development. Contracts have included embedded system development as well as general computer system development, both for government work and in the commercial arena.

Zuli’s Smartplugs can detect when you walk into or out of a room, and trigger customized actions based on what you want them to do in either case. That means you could have your computer, desk lamp, space heater and more turn on when you enter your office, for instance, or have everything but the radio turn off when you leave home for the evening. The Zuli Smartplugs also work in tandem with one another, creating a Bluetooth mesh network to let them communicate with each other. A minimum of three outlets is required for accurate location tracking within a home, according to Zuli, but even without that the gadget can still be used to monitor your energy usage and manage smart scheduling and instant control of power outlets.