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Mentorship Program

TMP has an extensive network of advisors and mentors to draw on for helping entrepreneurial students and researchers on campus, especially in areas of technical relevance to UCSB research. In addition to the Executive-at-the-Table (EAT) program, individual and small-group mentoring can be arranged. TMP advisors include local attorneys, investors, successful entrepreneurs, and numerous retired executives from companies both large and small.


Steve Zahm

TMP Lecturer, Mentor, & Sponsor

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The Technology Management Program (TMP) at UC Santa Barbara provides driven, innovative, and entrepreneurial students with a solid foundation in business principles and professional skills vital to their success after graduation. By welcoming students from all majors on campus, TMP adds vitality and diversity to its team-oriented and project-based curriculum. Students work under the guidance of dedicated faculty, practicing professionals, and experienced mentors. They are introduced to state-of-the-art business methods, strategies for successful technology commercialization, new venture creation, and best practices for fostering innovation. TMP also operates a number of activities beyond the classroom, including seminars, networking events, and career fairs in order to encourage personal development, technical innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

  • TMP has become one of the most popular and successful educational programs at UC Santa Barbara, with broad impact on and off campus.

  • With an innovative curriculum and focus on preparing students for successful careers, TMP adds value to students’ primary degree programs.

  • TMP helps students find employment opportunities through its deep network of alumni, practicing professionals, retired executives, and experienced entrepreneurs.

  • TMP’s affiliated businesses and sponsors gain access to a strong pool of talented graduates who have combined technical and business expertise.

  • TMP graduates stimulate economic growth through technology commercialization and new venture creation.

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Benefits of Participation:

Whether you are a student, faculty/staff member, experienced entrepreneur, local business professional, or representative of private equity, there are many reasons to participate.

For students of Physical & Life Sciences and Engineering

Today’s technology companies need scientists and engineers with a greater appreciation for the entire process of innovation from conception to market. TMP courses will help engineers appreciate the organizational and financial structure needed to implement new ideas, assess the business potential of new discoveries, and help develop managerial and communication skills that are necessary to work in the multi-disciplinary, team-oriented setting of a modern technology business. The annual business plan competition provides a unique opportunity to craft a business plan for a new technical enterprise and present them to a jury of practicing business professionals.

For Students of Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities

While new technologies often spring from science and engineering, the process of bringing those ideas to market involves a broad range of intellectual and personal skills. Bright, articulate business-savvy professionals are necessary to lead development teams, market new products, interact with international subsidiaries, and manage financial and accounting systems. TMP courses will help all students understand the special challenges of tomorrow’s global technology-driven marketplace, and help develop a familiarity with the language and practices of technologists. The annual business-plan competition provides a valuable first-hand experience to work in a creative team environment and build a new venture from scratch.

For Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs 

While TMP exists primarily to serve an academic mission on campus, it also serves as a bridge between campus entrepreneurial activities and the private sector. Through the Technology Management Program you will meet some of the the brightest students and faculty on the west coast, and witness first-hand some of the latest innovative work by the UCSB research community. Your direct participation ensures that our curriculum and lectures are up-to-date and also meets your business needs. Your investment of time and resources will help provide the business community with a pool of well-trained future leaders. Your teaching and mentoring can help change lives...including your own!