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A unique perspective on advancing management practice-With a focus on technology commercialization and teamwork, scholars and industry professionals are working together to better understand the science and management of technology innovations and new venture creation.

  • 12 hours 18 min
    The judges are heavy in thought during these Q&A sessions with the teams! #UCSBNVC
  • 12 hours 25 min
    RT @johngreathouse: @UCSBTMP New Venture Competition - we're off to the races...
  • 1 week 20 hours
    The New Venture Competition Finals are a week away! The teams have been working with mentors and gearing up their presentations. #UCSBNVC
  • 1 week 1 day
    RT @johngreathouse: "You never change things by fighting the existing reality... build a new model that makes the existing model obselete."…